Committee details

Standards Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, the West Somerset Council adopted a code of conduct for its elected members and co-opted members.

The Council has a duty under the act to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and to lead on this work have established a Standards Advisory Committee which make recommendations to Full Council in this respect.


The Committee comprises 9 Members:

  • 3 District Councillors -appointed to the Committee at the Annual Council meeting each May and must be politically balanced
  • 3 Parish/Town Council representatives
  • 3 Independent lay people


Membership of Standards Advisory Committee

Mr T Evans (Independent member) Chairman
Cllr P Murphy (District Council member)
Cllr N Thwaites (District Council member)
Cllr D Westcott (District Council member)
Two Vacancies (Independent member)
Cllr S de Renzy-Martin (Parish Council member)
Cllr J Davis (Parish Council member)
Cllr P Webber (Parish Council member)


The Committee has many roles including being responsible for the assessment and possible investigation of complaints about District and Parish/Town Councillors. This is only in relation to potential breaches in the Code of Conduct, as set out in the Complaints Procedure included in related documents.  The full role and functions of the Committee are set out within the together with the Terms of Reference.


Contact information

Support officer: Richard Bryant. Email: or 01823 219736

Phone: 01823 219736